Tweety Decision Tree

Based on information provided by:
John Loperfido <john (at)>, Rob Yarak <spectres (at)> & Karen Freed <crazypokey (at)>

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This page attempts to provide a guide which will allow you to easily classify your Tweety PEZ dispensers according to the types listed in Mike Edelman & John LaSpina's The Original Collector's Price Guide to Pez, 13th Edition, Spring 2002. You can identify your dispenser by choosing its characteristics via the questions that follow, or simply jump straight to the overview page which shows the known variations.

What type of head does your Tweety have?
Sculptured head
Smooth head


  • Eye socket w/ pupils = Tweety A
  • Eye socket w/o pupils = Tweety B
  • No eye sockets, sunken lashes = Unlisted Tweety
  • Smooth head w/o hat = Tweety C
  • Smooth head w/ hat = Charming Tweety
  • A pupil is a small cavity or hole in the center of a Tweety A eye; look for it at a low angle under a bright light.
  • An iris is the colored part of the eye; yellow or blue for Tweety eyes.
  • An eye white is the part of the eye that surrounds the iris. It is removable on Tweety A eyes; look inside Tweety's head to see the protruding posts that hold the whites in place.
  • A sunken eye is an eye set in an eye socket. The socket is deep and well defined for both Tweety A's and for Decal Tweety B. Is is shallow for Painted Tweety B and is completely missing from subsequent issues.

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